A New Technology to Detect Internal Warning Indicators of Stressed Trees

Before External Signs and Symptoms Are Discernible

Geocarto Tree Monitoring System (GTMS) 

reveals the following conditions

Case study 1

Case study 2

Case study 3

Case study 4

Case study 5

Case study 6

Case study 7

Case study 8

Case study 9

Case study 10

Case study 11

Case study 12

Case study 13

Case study 14

Case study 15

Case study 16

Case study 17

Case study 18

Interpretation and Analysis

Removed Tree

in Hong Kong

Collapsed Tree

in Oslo, Norway


A New Technology......

Internal Warning Indicators

Fig 2.jpg

Implication of the Internal Warning Indicators

Spectral Reflectance: A New Technology......

Integrated Approach: Tree Stress Monitoring

A White Paper Published by DigitalGlobe

Tree Structural Condition & Spectral Reflectance











(AComp data and "Lossless" pansharpened data)

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