Spectral Reflectance: A New Technology......

What can changes in chlorophyll content and leaf cellular structure tell you about a tree? Combining satellite imagery data, site analysis, and knowledge of indicators of decay, arborists may better position themselves to make a recommendation on important management decisions. (Editor's note about this article)

Integrated Approach: Tree Stress Monitoring

In a follow-up to an article published in Arborist News last year, this article looks at how satellite technology allows urban foresters to observe tree stress indicators over time. (Editor's note about the follow-up article)

A White Paper Published by DigitalGlobe

AComp data provided by DigitalGlobe facilitates data processing and enhances detection of stressed tree (published on 01-JUN-2017)

Tree Structural Condition & Spectral Reflectance

How do we know if photosynthesis has accumulated enough carbohydrates for the defense of decay in trees?

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